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Living Organically - Eating - Pirates of the Playground

I’m starting a new series here on the blog with my tips on how to live organically. Look out for future posts!

Hello Ladies,

Well this week I am on a mission to start my first organic veggie garden.

I have been slowly transforming my diet and lifestyle to a healthier and cleaner way (I haven’t given up my wine time just yet, so relax I will not be telling you to give that up! I have changed to a organic wine and it is lovely lol).

From all the reading I have been doing over the past 2 years and constantly increasing my knowledge around organic foods and why it is best to choose chemical free foods and products, it did take me a while to finally get this entirely.

I initially started buying organic foods whenever I could, but found I was always venturing back to Safeway/Coles mainstream fruit and vegies just like most of us do because it is convenient. The penny finally dropped for me and it was this explanation that got me thinking a lot around why I choose organics over chemically sprayed fruits and veg.

Australian Certified Organic - Pirates of the Playground

Fruits and Veg that are organically grown have to develop their own immunity to the environment of the garden and therefore have a much larger build up of antioxidants. (Antioxidants help us fight cancers, free radicals and chemicals floating around in our bodies and help our overall immune system).

Fruit and vegetables sprayed with pesticides (pretty much any greens you buy from your supermarket are all sprayed with pesticides unless it is specified Organic and has the certified organic stamp on it) have a much lower rate of Antioxidants as well as the lovely chemicals we are digesting along with that. Hmm a no brainer to me – “do I want to eat chemicals and do I want to feed them to my family?” Definitely not!

This is when the penny dropped enough for me to start watching very carefully exactly where I was purchasing my fruits and vegetables from. If you can spare yourself a spare minute and listen here to what happens to the chemical/pesticide levels in this families bodies you will be amazed at exactly why it is important. (Don’t roll you’re your eyes at me LOL the evidence is there!)

It has taken me along time to finally get how important this is on our overall health and I feel this is something I am extremely passionate about in helping people realise how this can be affecting their health as well as their family’s health.

“I think the problem is we just don’t know where to start and sometimes it can seem overwhelming. Again, my rule of thumb with most things in life is just start somewhere!”

And this is when I decided to throw my heart and soul into making my own Organic Veggie Garden. I will blog about this over a next few weeks so we can sow my seeds and watch them grow.

If gardening isn’t for you but you are not sure where to start try these links below and see if they can get you on the road to a healthier organic lifestyle.

This means you need to be organized enough each week to either place an order for your food or go to the farms that have selected trading days so you can purchase enough for the week and or top up by attending and supporting a local farmers market and supporting certified organic selections available to you.

Garden - Pirates of the Playground

Here are a couple of places to go to if you are in Living in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs:

Peninsula Fresh – One of my favourite places to get my fresh fruit and veg. The kiddies love going and it’s a little outing for us every week. I like the fact that Xavier, my 3.5yr old, is learning that it is important to eat fresh fruit and veg and that the farmers work hard to get this food for us. I also like the fact that when we go there he can’t bug me for every item marketed at kids like he would if we went to Safeway. Win Win for me lol!
I usually spend anywhere from $90-$130 depending on how much organic meat I purchase etc. I also find that this food never gets wasted like it does when we purchase Safeway/Coles foods. It is like we have a different respect for these vegetables and nothing ever goes to waste.

New Harvest Produce is another great place I get all my tops ups from – anything from soups, dips, chocolate, breads, fruits and veg, seedlings you name it. I absolutely love this shop and the people who run it!
They are always so friendly and helpful and they make the best soup and smoothies.

If I cant get to Peninsula Fresh I will place an order with Ceres – I love the quality I receive from these guys and if I need any other products like chemical free shampoos or body washes I also order through these guys.

Next week: I will introduce a new Range of products for baby and mum that will be available by a super lovely lady Therese Kerr!

I can’t wait to share this with you all in my blog next week and much more…

Love Jess xx