Introducing Jess, the founder of Pirates of the Playground!

Well, hello beautiful mums and everyone in between! Welcome!

It has taken me a while to start this Blog and, to cut a long story short, running a business with a toddler and having another baby has really slowed me down much more than I had expected. But all for the most beautiful reasons.

For those who don’t know me I guess I should introduce myself; I am Jess, a mother to two beautiful boys Hudson who is 8 months and Xavier, who is at the lovely age of being a 3.5yrs old! (no sarcasm intended).

Having a baby for the first time and experiencing parenthood and all the emotions it brings up is probably the most profound experience I have had to this very day!

Introducing Jess - Pirates of the Playground

I thought I had everything planned. I was going to be a Stay-at-Home mum and thought I was going to love it! (By the way I have no issues with women who enjoy being a Stay-at-Home mum and in fact my best friend and many other friends of mine are Stay-at-Home mummas and I admire that).

After the traumatic birth experience that started the journey… 36hrs of labour and emergency c-section it was not how I had planned the journey into parenthood at all.

So, it turned out reflux was a new thing I became very familiar with after learning my new baby was crying over 8 hrs a day and not sleeping at night with naps lasting around 45mins in between before he wanted his next feed and I thought at one stage my nipples where going to fall off. If anyone has experienced a baby with reflux or the nipple thing they will know exactly what I am talking about. It is hard enough having a newborn and the regular feeding let alone having them cry at you uncontrollably.

Eventually this led to exhaustion after 4 months and a very unhappy depressed, lost mumma! I would cry the moment my husband left to go to work and that would last most days. He would get home and I would shove him our baby son and drive off down the road thinking of many ways on how to leave this situation. Yes, I actually thought I couldn’t take anymore and thought I would have to pack my bags and leave. Not sure where I thought I was going but apparently anywhere away from my current life…

Introducing Jess - Pirates of the Playground

I wasn’t pleasant to be around, my husband hated coming home (he tells me this now!), I was arguing with friends and pretty much isolating myself from the world.

Out of all this chaos I was forced to start looking within and sure enough those people that helped me along this journey started showing up just in time. I could literally sit here all day writing about Mentors and how much they have changed my life but I will save this for another day. It might be a bit to much for my first introduction and blog entry lol!

The one thing that was born besides my son was a new me! A women who had to break down before she had a break through and this, my friends, is how I mapped out many things and had a new birth and that being one we call Pirates of the Playground.

If there is anything you can take away from my introduction it is that I will speak about what is important to me, share contacts I have that have made huge differences in my life and educate people wherever I can about how I have transitioned to a healthier mind and lifestyle.

Introducing Jess - Pirates of the Playground

“ I believe that we will never be given more than we can handle even when it feels like we can’t. I think it is in these times that we actually have a breakthrough”.
Jess Nicolaou

Enjoy your day beautiful people and be sure to keep an eye out for our next blog which will feature each week and/or sign up to our newsletter to be the first to receive any offers on our Pirates of the Playground Range which will be coming soon.

Love Jess xxx