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For the Love of Children’s Clothing – Photoshoot mayhem

For the Love of Children's Clothing - Photoshoot Mayhem - Pirates of the Playground

Last week was an exciting week for us here at Pirates of the Playground! We started shooting a sneak peek here in Melbourne of our upcoming July delivery.

This capsule collection features our super cute durable and popular Lazy dayz harems in both boys and girls for this seasons collection.

For the Love of Children's Clothing - Photoshoot Mayhem - Pirates of the Playground

It is super exciting to finally incorporate girls wear into our collection. After many requests for girls wear, we finally have our first little collection of Lazy dayz Harems just for the girls!
I won’t give too much away but I will say for anyone wanting to have first selection at purchasing these little gems as well as many others please join our mailing list.

We will send out an email with all available styles and keep in mind this season is designed for those who want to be first in best dressed! Once they go, they go!

We also have a few new exciting things that will be added to this collection and if you view the images from the behind the scenes shots you may see a glimpse of our baby blanket throws. They are so soft and amazing and definitely one of a kind!

After many months of this mumma working towards getting our new Pirates of the Playground childrens wear range out, you will be happy to know it is not far away!

Check out some of our behind the scenes shots to get a sneak peek at what is to come!

For the Love of Children's Clothing - Photoshoot Mayhem - Pirates of the Playground
For the Love of Children's Clothing - Photoshoot Mayhem - Pirates of the Playground
For the Love of Children's Clothing - Photoshoot Mayhem
For any enquiries please send them to [email protected] or follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

Enjoy Ladies! Sweet dreams xxx

Jess & P.O.P Team

Living Organically : Eating

Living Organically - Eating - Pirates of the Playground

I’m starting a new series here on the blog with my tips on how to live organically. Look out for future posts!

Hello Ladies,

Well this week I am on a mission to start my first organic veggie garden.

I have been slowly transforming my diet and lifestyle to a healthier and cleaner way (I haven’t given up my wine time just yet, so relax I will not be telling you to give that up! I have changed to a organic wine and it is lovely lol).

From all the reading I have been doing over the past 2 years and constantly increasing my knowledge around organic foods and why it is best to choose chemical free foods and products, it did take me a while to finally get this entirely.

I initially started buying organic foods whenever I could, but found I was always venturing back to Safeway/Coles mainstream fruit and vegies just like most of us do because it is convenient. The penny finally dropped for me and it was this explanation that got me thinking a lot around why I choose organics over chemically sprayed fruits and veg.

Australian Certified Organic - Pirates of the Playground

Fruits and Veg that are organically grown have to develop their own immunity to the environment of the garden and therefore have a much larger build up of antioxidants. (Antioxidants help us fight cancers, free radicals and chemicals floating around in our bodies and help our overall immune system).

Fruit and vegetables sprayed with pesticides (pretty much any greens you buy from your supermarket are all sprayed with pesticides unless it is specified Organic and has the certified organic stamp on it) have a much lower rate of Antioxidants as well as the lovely chemicals we are digesting along with that. Hmm a no brainer to me – “do I want to eat chemicals and do I want to feed them to my family?” Definitely not!

This is when the penny dropped enough for me to start watching very carefully exactly where I was purchasing my fruits and vegetables from. If you can spare yourself a spare minute and listen here to what happens to the chemical/pesticide levels in this families bodies you will be amazed at exactly why it is important. (Don’t roll you’re your eyes at me LOL the evidence is there!)

It has taken me along time to finally get how important this is on our overall health and I feel this is something I am extremely passionate about in helping people realise how this can be affecting their health as well as their family’s health.

“I think the problem is we just don’t know where to start and sometimes it can seem overwhelming. Again, my rule of thumb with most things in life is just start somewhere!”

And this is when I decided to throw my heart and soul into making my own Organic Veggie Garden. I will blog about this over a next few weeks so we can sow my seeds and watch them grow.

If gardening isn’t for you but you are not sure where to start try these links below and see if they can get you on the road to a healthier organic lifestyle.

This means you need to be organized enough each week to either place an order for your food or go to the farms that have selected trading days so you can purchase enough for the week and or top up by attending and supporting a local farmers market and supporting certified organic selections available to you.

Garden - Pirates of the Playground

Here are a couple of places to go to if you are in Living in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs:

Peninsula Fresh – One of my favourite places to get my fresh fruit and veg. The kiddies love going and it’s a little outing for us every week. I like the fact that Xavier, my 3.5yr old, is learning that it is important to eat fresh fruit and veg and that the farmers work hard to get this food for us. I also like the fact that when we go there he can’t bug me for every item marketed at kids like he would if we went to Safeway. Win Win for me lol!
I usually spend anywhere from $90-$130 depending on how much organic meat I purchase etc. I also find that this food never gets wasted like it does when we purchase Safeway/Coles foods. It is like we have a different respect for these vegetables and nothing ever goes to waste.

New Harvest Produce is another great place I get all my tops ups from – anything from soups, dips, chocolate, breads, fruits and veg, seedlings you name it. I absolutely love this shop and the people who run it!
They are always so friendly and helpful and they make the best soup and smoothies.

If I cant get to Peninsula Fresh I will place an order with Ceres – I love the quality I receive from these guys and if I need any other products like chemical free shampoos or body washes I also order through these guys.

Next week: I will introduce a new Range of products for baby and mum that will be available by a super lovely lady Therese Kerr!

I can’t wait to share this with you all in my blog next week and much more…

Love Jess xx

How do we gain synchronicity in our lives and maintain it?

synchronicity - Pirates of the Playground

As I sit in my car at the beach today I notice a flock of seagulls passing by.

If you ever watch birds flying in a flock you will notice the beautiful synchronicity they have, kind of like synchronized swimmers. Everything just flows at exactly the right time and watching it for a few seconds I actually get a sense of peace wash over me.

(Ok, so you are probably wondering where this story is going … hang in there!)

As you observe this beautiful flock you notice in the distance one of the birds has lost it’s way and is flying all over the place darting from one direction to the next and in a panic!

Throughout my journey of growing up or life as we call it, I believe at times I have been that panicked bird; lost, looking unbalanced and out of synchrony.

Which brings me to the question; “how as a busy working mum do I manage to keep all in check?”


I would like to share with you a few tips on what I do that helps me and my family to have Synchroncity in our home. (By the way we are human and this does not always go to plan, but these are the things I start doing if the wheels start falling of this Mumma’s wagon! )

1.Understand house work will always be there day in and day out.

You are not a bad mother, wife or partner if you cant get all this shit sorted! (Sorry for the language but lets face it that’s what we are thinking). Sometimes it just has to be left so more important things can be completed- I am Giving YOU (YES YOU!) permission to stop feeling guilty! Go and have a cup of tea and a five second breather. Please!!

2. Slow down!!

This is typically something I struggle with. I am full-speed-ahead and, as my best friend and I call it, driving in 5th gear (you get the picture). I now try and put myself first and give myself time.

I find if I have something on with the kids early in the morning then I try and get up before they do. Yup that means getting my butt out of bed between 5-6am so I can shower before my little love bugs start calling me. I then pack the snacks, car etc., either that morning or the night before.

3. Have a diary to write all your to do’s in and cross them off when they are complete.

I use a Franklin Covey Diary which goes hand in hand with reading the book “The 7 Steps to Highly Effective People” and if you have multiple employees, freelancers ect working for you, I find a good way to communicate is using Asana ( a great tip from my VA).
This is an area I have had to teach myself a lot in. This does not come easily or natural to me like it does with some of you.

Don’t put too much on your list or it becomes overwhelming. Start slowly and start somewhere – it is amazing at how much you start getting done just by actually starting!

4. Be sure to have clear communication within your family by using a Family calendar or Whiteboard so you can write all the events you have on for the month.

Check this every few weeks and update when necessary.

Also don’t be afraid to say No! Sometimes we over extend ourselves and plan too much in one week- this leads to exhaustion.

Cross check with your partner or husband and write what he also has on so you can plan ahead. Be sure to have mum and dad time scheduled in there and get a babysitter or family member to look after little ones once a month so you can have Date night. Connection between you and your partner is so important and if that starts breaking down so does the synchronicity within the family unit, I find.

Also be sure to have YOU time! Mums are so bad at this and I am guilty of this too. I have started having me time and Wow! It really does change your world. It doesn’t have to be hours on end but even if you allow yourself to go and have a coffee/smoothie on your own while dad or a family member helps out so you can have a break. It is so important for a mum’s emotional well being.


5. Sticking to routine with Kids.

Ok, sometimes this rule can be broken for us, but generally we try and stick to it. Most days I try and get dinner on at 4.30pm so it is well and truly ready by 5.30pm. Do before or after dinner depending on how tired they seem. I aim to do this between 5-5.30pm. Kids bedtime routine is between 6.30-7.30pm.

We switch off from mobile phone interaction and or emails, phone calls between these times and make it all about the kids. It’s their wind down time and the more I am fully present with them the less chaos we have around this time of night. I have also noticed they don’t play up as much and seem to be more cooperative when we make this a practice in the home.

Bedtime routines are a combined effort most of the time in our house. I find having 4 hands works better than 2 and things go much more smoothly and kids go to bed on time. I find if dad is watching the tv whilst I am putting our 3.5yr old to bed he doesn’t settle and wants to get up a million times.

This brings me to another point – No 6pm News on for the kids to watch. You may ask why since they are so small but I have a number of reasons why. We all know they are little sponges so why let them soak in all the negative violence we hear constantly on the news? They have their whole lives ahead for managing that and the effects it can have on them psychologically. I will be talking with some experts in this area and sharing with you some valuable information regarding this and much more.

6. Mum and dad Time

If we haven’t eaten dinner with the kids we usually eat now then we both spend 1-2hrs on our businesses most nights (but not every night).

7. Then it’s pretty much bed time.

I try and make it a rule of my own that I get to bed before 11pm. Even this is too late when you have little kids and I find if I do a week of late nights and I am up until 12.30 it always bites me in the bum! I would not recommend it and you end up getting run down. Try and work out how you can manage time better in other parts of the day.

I also notice that when I am tired the kids are whiney & grissley and drive me nuts. I really do believe kids are a reflection of exactly how we are feeling and often this keeps me in check.

When I notice this I ask myself “what is it that’s going on for me?” Usually it will be something like frustration with work, or frustration at feeling like I don’t have enough time in the day to achieve what I had in mind and the list could go on.

It is always easy to blame someone else but sometimes looking within is where the answer lies. Which is great news because we can fix that with the right resources or friends.

family (1)

8. Eating well.

I have read a fair few books on this topic and it interests me so much!

I am reading a book at the moment called “The Great Life Diet”. It’s a bit of a different read but Dr Waxman explains how the packaged foods we eat can greatly impact our Ying and Yang and throw it out of balance, therefore feeling unbalanced, be more inclined to have feelings of depression. I will write another blog about this in more detail and share with you some of the things I have found since I was forced to change my diet two years ago.

Just remember: add green to everything if you can and if you can have access to organic foods then try your best. Even though it may feel like it isn’t doing anything, research shows it actually plays a huge role on our health and well being. We also want a healthy future for our little ones and that means keeping them healthy too.

9. Meditation or what I like to call it is “ME TIME”!

Find a place within your home (mine is the bathroom or bedroom). This is what I call my meditation.

To be honest the more I think about the word meditation the more I find reasons on how I have not enough time to do it. I also find if I say I am meditating then the whole time through my meditation I think about how I should be doing it and “oh its not working,” “oh great I’m thinking about something again”, “shit I forgot to put that load of washing out”, “write back to an email” and the list goes on.

So for my brain to be ok with it I now just have 15-20mins ME TIME! I lock myself in the bathroom when the kids have gone to bed and put my earphones in and will listen to guided meditaions that are available from Oprah & Deepak. Keep an eye out as they often do a 21 day free meditation experience and it is well worth giving it a go!

If I am not in the mood to listen to anything I will just sit and focus on my breathing (this helps keep me focused on not thinking about a million things).

If meditation is not your thing then try the next best thing and that is a nice walk on your own and just take in all your surroundings; trees, birds, the sky, anything that is to do with nature. I find this just as good sometimes.

10. Journalling

Get your self a journal, write in it daily and get everything you are thinking about out in this journal. Be mindful of what thoughts keep popping up. Are these thoughts supporting you or disempowering you?

Journalling is a great way to stay in check with how you are feeling and I believe if you start your day journaling and reminding yourself what you are grateful or happy or what it is you love then your day can only get better.

You can get great journals or notebooks from Office works, Kmart, David Jones and I am sure if you google it you will find some beautiful ones available. Two of my favourite stores on the Mornington Peninsula that have beautiful journals are page 8 and Zen Living.

It’s been lovely to be able to share with you some of my tips and thoughts on this topic. Feel free to pop over to our facebook page and comment. We would love to hear your feedback. If there is anything you would love me talk about let me know.

Thank you beautiful ladies, I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Much love Jess xxx

Introducing Jess, the founder of Pirates of the Playground!

Introducing Jess - Pirates of the Playground

Well, hello beautiful mums and everyone in between! Welcome!

It has taken me a while to start this Blog and, to cut a long story short, running a business with a toddler and having another baby has really slowed me down much more than I had expected. But all for the most beautiful reasons.

For those who don’t know me I guess I should introduce myself; I am Jess, a mother to two beautiful boys Hudson who is 8 months and Xavier, who is at the lovely age of being a 3.5yrs old! (no sarcasm intended).

Having a baby for the first time and experiencing parenthood and all the emotions it brings up is probably the most profound experience I have had to this very day!

Introducing Jess - Pirates of the Playground

I thought I had everything planned. I was going to be a Stay-at-Home mum and thought I was going to love it! (By the way I have no issues with women who enjoy being a Stay-at-Home mum and in fact my best friend and many other friends of mine are Stay-at-Home mummas and I admire that).

After the traumatic birth experience that started the journey… 36hrs of labour and emergency c-section it was not how I had planned the journey into parenthood at all.

So, it turned out reflux was a new thing I became very familiar with after learning my new baby was crying over 8 hrs a day and not sleeping at night with naps lasting around 45mins in between before he wanted his next feed and I thought at one stage my nipples where going to fall off. If anyone has experienced a baby with reflux or the nipple thing they will know exactly what I am talking about. It is hard enough having a newborn and the regular feeding let alone having them cry at you uncontrollably.

Eventually this led to exhaustion after 4 months and a very unhappy depressed, lost mumma! I would cry the moment my husband left to go to work and that would last most days. He would get home and I would shove him our baby son and drive off down the road thinking of many ways on how to leave this situation. Yes, I actually thought I couldn’t take anymore and thought I would have to pack my bags and leave. Not sure where I thought I was going but apparently anywhere away from my current life…

Introducing Jess - Pirates of the Playground

I wasn’t pleasant to be around, my husband hated coming home (he tells me this now!), I was arguing with friends and pretty much isolating myself from the world.

Out of all this chaos I was forced to start looking within and sure enough those people that helped me along this journey started showing up just in time. I could literally sit here all day writing about Mentors and how much they have changed my life but I will save this for another day. It might be a bit to much for my first introduction and blog entry lol!

The one thing that was born besides my son was a new me! A women who had to break down before she had a break through and this, my friends, is how I mapped out many things and had a new birth and that being one we call Pirates of the Playground.

If there is anything you can take away from my introduction it is that I will speak about what is important to me, share contacts I have that have made huge differences in my life and educate people wherever I can about how I have transitioned to a healthier mind and lifestyle.

Introducing Jess - Pirates of the Playground

“ I believe that we will never be given more than we can handle even when it feels like we can’t. I think it is in these times that we actually have a breakthrough”.
Jess Nicolaou

Enjoy your day beautiful people and be sure to keep an eye out for our next blog which will feature each week and/or sign up to our newsletter to be the first to receive any offers on our Pirates of the Playground Range which will be coming soon.

Love Jess xxx

Beach dayz- Evie and Xav

Lazy Dayz Harems-Hudson